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私はスリランカの伝統的なアーユルヴェーダ(Paramparika Helawedakama)の医者です。





Dp,Psy (ドラッグレスプラクティショナー)カナダ​

Integrative Nutrition Coach (ヘルスコーチ)アメリカ

MLanka Ayurveda Tokyo Japan

MLanka Ayurveda was founded in 2014 in Tokyo. We have a vision of giving people in Japan the greatest gift of nature using the wonderful, Ancient science of Ayurveda, a healthy body, a healthy skin, a healthy mind, beauty and long life.


Starting with a small range of Ayurvedic treatment, such as head and shoulder treatments, full body detoxify and relax treatments, foot treatments. And giving you highest quality treatments with super natural herbal oil, which brought from Sri Lanka.


We held healthy cooking classes and provide easy lessons how to make healthy dishes for your busy life.


We offer you Ayurvedic consultation, self-care counselling, pulls reading, and Ayurveda classes for beginers.


“Arogya Parama Laaba

Santustie Paraman Danan”


                      Health is the highest gain,

                             Contentment is the highest wealth

                                                     (Lord Buddha)

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